Hello there! I have a question for you – What are the top 5 things that make you happy on a dull day? Coffee with a friend, 5 likes per second on Instagram, your crush finally noticing you exist, 50% off on that outfit you wanted or fluffy pets who don’t realize how much they mean to you? Here’s what makes me happy:

  1. Clothes, more clothes, some more won’t hurt!

This has never been about the best brands or how expensive they are; clothes are clothes and a good dress could also come from that tiny shop at the corner of the street. I’m a collector and every piece in my wardrobe hangs like a work of art. (Well for the 1st few days, before it ends up in the big pile of clothes jumbled at the bottom of my closet).

2. People, except the kind that believe in small talk

Every person that has a story to tell will never fail to put a smile on my face. Even if the moral of the story that took 50 minutes to narrate is, ‘Never lurk on your frenemies Instagram account’ I’m happy to listen. Every person is like a book to me and I’m more than okay with giving unfamiliar books a try. If the foreword reads, ‘Wassup? How are things these days’, I’ll shut it before saying, ‘Nothing much’.



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