Aya Al Jawhary – The Fairy Godmother

Ever since I was 3 (days old), I’ve dreamed of wearing a long flowing gown, one with a trail that would follow with every step. I tried hard recreating this with mamma’s dupattas. With mud for a red carpet, those dupattas never made it back to the wardrobe in the same color. Aya Al Jawhary’s dress made this dream came true!

One of the warmest and most welcoming humans you’ll meet, Aya Al Jawhary was a pleasure to work with. When we first met, I had no clue what to expect. ‘Come straight to the food court’, she said and I rushed to find out. I saw her standing there with zipped cases. Just like unveiling treasure, I stood there with a big smile on my face. The three dresses that I tried on were soon to be a part of my memory for a long time.

A beautiful purple dress with a long trail and a shiny belt was just what I needed. I returned home that evening, put the dress on and gave the mirror a hard time for the next 2 hours. The delivery man was in for a surprise when he rang the bell to hand me the 2 minute noodles I survive on most days. Here, take a look and see what I mean.

quinney bee                                                                                                                                                                  quinney beeI’ll be honest; I did my best to stick my leg out with every step of walking with the next dress. My right leg was an enthu cutlet* that day. It had one golden wing that I kept flapping. My sympathies if the sight of me sticking my right leg out and flapping my left arm is disturbing youquinney beeThe next one had the perfect balance between simple and chic. It was more balanced than the PH levels in my facewash. White and purple – What a match!Quinney bee

quinney beeI thank Aya with all my heart for letting me wear her designs. Even more for letting me walk the ramp for her. My first time on stage, I ran for my life and thanked heavens for not letting me slip in those heels. That dress though!

Get in touch with Aya, if you want to shock the grocery delivery folks. There’s never a perfect time or place to feel like a princess.

P.S : Princess Sonu of Dahisar happily lived ever after in the hopes wearing an Aya Al Jawhary dress again.

About the golden wing, here see…

Get in touch with Aya

Instagram – instagram.com/evaya.fashion

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Evaya.ayaaljawhary/


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