What is love? This princess dress by Aya Al Jawhary!

What is love? Can you see it? What you see is often deceptive, so can’t agree to this. Can you hear it? A million words are spoken about love, but hey people go back on their word sometimes. Can you touch it?  The only way you can be sure you’re touching love is when it feels furry and barks right after for more; all else could be confused with lust. Can you feel it? Hell yes you can! It’s the only way to tell if it’s real. This year I was lucky enough to feel love as I wore this dress designed by Aya Al Jawhary.

With a long trail at the back, this purple dress was nothing short of a fairy-tale. What I loved most is the collar. Instead of choosing a delicate neckline, Aya dared to add some power with a collar like that. The sequinned belt is the cherry on the cake, the Nutella on the bread, the cat on my cupboard and the imaginary prince on my mind (It completes the dress, in case you couldn’t process that).

Dresses by Aya Al Jawhary are made with love for design and what I felt after wearing it is proof of her good work. 🙂

quinney bee

quinney bee

quinney bee

Quinney bee

Explore more from Aya

Instagram – aya.aljawhary

Photography – Nehla Sunil Photography



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