It’s not all about that bass!

Are you a skinny person or happen to know one? There used to be a time when I had to shop from the kids section for clothes my size. Comments like ‘Don’t go flying with the wind’ were common. Oh and there was a lot of advice. They expected me to finish a truck full of cheese so I would gain weight. My only advice if you’ve been doing this to someone is ‘Please stop’.

I remember how terrible it felt when conversations began with, ‘What’s wrong with you! you need to eat some more’. I wish they would see me finish 5 samosas right after gulping down a big glass of banana milkshake in the hopes of gaining weight. Guess what? I even went to a doctor and took pills to put an end to this. NOTHING WORKED.

Three years later, I’ve gained 10 kgs and there is relief. There is peace not because my curves are back, but because I don’t have to go through what people said to me again.

My point being, some people are skinny and some people are curvy. There is nothing wrong with being either as long as it’s not affecting your health in a bad way.

Just breathe in.. Now breathe out.. Let people live in peace knowing that they have perfectly beautiful bodies. Here’s me being perfectly happy with mine (Secretly hoping the cellulite magically disappears).kps_6968

Bikini Top – F & F

Sarong – Cotton On

Photo courtesy – Kevin Mathew Philip

Curves courtesy – Afghani pulao, Paneer tikka and Barni (Lots and lots of Barni). 🙂


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