What’s common between breast cancer and my crush?

There is something I need to share with you. It has been around for a year now and  continues to haunt me. I’m letting you in to a little secret of mine.

So imagine you’re in love with someone and for some reason, (You’re too scared they don’t feel the same way) you’ve never expressed yourself to this puppy face. What happens next? You continue guessing – Does puppy face love me back? Do I even matter to puppy face? Will I ever have dogs with puppy face? And it kills you, just the thought of not knowing what you’re in for.

The only way to make things simpler for you is to ask puppy face if you’ll ever have a chance. If you’re the shy type, you’ll probably beat around the bush, ask fellow puppies, try love quizzes and whatever it takes to get a real answer that’ll leave you with peace.

One way or another, you’ll have to check before it (Or even the thought of it) affects you for the worse.

In case all that didn’t help you realize, I got checked for breast cancer last year after finding a lump which didn’t seem normal. The first thing that came to my mind was a gift my friend gave me on my 18th birthday; a big towel with pink breast cancer symbols all over it. A very unique gift I must say, I’ve always admired Vian for being different. Don’t believe me? Here’s a throwback to 2010. Just look at an 18 year old me posing with my birthday gift. Oh and that’s my dad in the background, ready to rock the party  ( He’s a D.J by profession).

After a check and review by a cancer specialist, I found out that the lump is not malignant. He did say that if it continues to grow, I may have to get it surgically removed. Well, it has evolved from being the size of my cat Senior Chintu’s paw to Becoming close to the size of Simu’s (My Labrador Retriever) paw.

I must get it checked! You too shouldn’t sit there guessing, whether or not you received a breast cancer towel at some point in your life.

If you’ve actually managed to read this far, I must give you a rose if we ever come face to face. I personally don’t have the patience to read. But thank you for being a part of this journey. I hope this inspires you to take the first step and get checked. You must realize by now, puppy love and breast cancer have one thing in common – Guessing will never help!

P.S  : Rabeeya Yusuf, a talented young designer and dear friend of mine has offered to collaborate  for a good cause. She was the one who encouraged me to put my story up here and this beauty is even ready to give away an exclusively designed dress to celebrate the month which is dedicated to spreading the awareness of breast cancer. It’s a simple contest and here are the rules to participate:

1 – Follow @rabeeya_yusuf and @sonyaquinney on Instagram

2 – Like and tag 2 friends on this post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLs1wlYDB0t/?taken-by=rabeeya_yusuf

3 – Comment on this article with a ❤

I really hope you win, her designs are dynamite! 🙂



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