Do you know what I wore this summer?

Hi! Do you like small talk? I don’t; it’s a task and there’s not enough patience to deal with questions that demand general answers. I also don’t happen to like Summer very much. Gloomy weather makes me blush and nothing about the warm months will ever manage to steal my love for dark skies. Now you see, you can’t hate anything entirely. Even the Microsoft phone I keep complaining about every second of my life has a camera lens I’d never give up. In that case, what I love about Summer is that it’s a great excuse to wear cute stuff!

So I went all out with summer dresses. Come see what got an entry into my closet this season.

Look 1

This off-shoulder dress made me feel like a rose in this garden! 🙂

Dress – Cotton On

Shoes – Charles & Keith


Look 2

Perfect for the day, this look was super comfortable and made me feel like Mylo when I pet him.

Skirt – Cotton On

Top – Zara

Shoes – Nine West


Look 3

Though my mother thinks this would make a lovely table cloth, I beg to differ! The lace on this dress is prettier than my crush’s girlfriend. (Hint: My crush is a heart-stealing celebrity who is yet to realize I exist.)

Dress – Splash

Look 4

The dress is more fun than the last date I went on. No offense, but if I had to pick between rewinding that evening or staring at this dress for three hours, there’s no doubt about what I’d choose.

Dress – Cotton On

Look 5

This simple cotton dress is the easiest to step out in.

Dress – Cotton On




Photo Credits

Piyush Tanpure (Look 1,2,3 & 4)

Facebook – Crafting Emotions

Instagram – @craftingemotions

Kevin Mathew Philip (Look 5)

Facebook – Kevin’s Photography

Instagram – @kevinsmediax

Website –



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