Kevin Mathew Philip – Young, Confident, Talented

What would you expect from a 20 year old? To be young, wild and free? Well at least that’s how I was, being 20. The wild part mostly meant hanging out and having full conversations with street dogs, all because I was too late for lectures. Now, this young man here (Kevin) is making me wish I did more than that. Not only has he dedicated his time to learning film and PR, but also managed to have a fair share of his passion- Photography!

Kevin made me feel extremely comfortable and gave his very best. Co-operative, patient and positive are the words I would use to describe Kevin after having worked with him.

With a desert for a location and just half an hour of daylight left, I questioned if we could make it through. Kevin’s photography skills answered all of my doubts and the results are here for you to see.

bridal makeup

bridal makeup

Quinney Bee

Quinney Bee

Quinney Bee

Quinney Bee

Quinney Bee

Quinney Bee

Explore Kevin’s work

Instagram: @Kevinsgalleryx

Outfit Details

White gown – Rabeeya Yusuf

Black gown – Rabeeya Yusuf


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