Ankit Rajput – The Makeover Artist

With years of experience as being a makeup artist in the Indian television and entertainment industry, Ankit Rajput lived up to my expectations and proved to be a real hero.

Just before leaving for the photo-shoot, I remember asking my mother, ‘Do I look like a model?’ She laughed harder than she does when our cat falls off the couch while stretching. Oh but Ankit saved the day! He actually managed to make me look the way I picture myself while listening to some Beyonce. Do you picture yourself being all jazzy when the volume is turned up on your earphones? Try it sometime. I do it on days when I realize that I may just die alone. It makes me feel better.

Back to Ankit, I give the man full marks for making me feel like a million bucks. His makeup was ‘Spot-on’, ‘On-point’, ‘On Fleek’, ‘Simply perfect’, ‘Nutella like’, you get what I’m trying to say.

Take a look at what went on, the day I was lucky to have Ankit Rajput do my makeup. 🙂

Quinney Bee

Quinney Bee

Sonya -63

Quinney Bee

Sonya -102

Quinney Bee

Quinney Bee

Quinney Bee

Explore Ankit’s work

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