Rachel Suzanne – The Perfect Match

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Makeup Artist:

Rachel Suzanne


Dubai, UAE


Bridal makeup

Fashion-shoot makeup

Prom makeup

QB Says

To Rachel, Make up is more than just a daily routine. This young lady has turned her passion into a career choice and I feel proud to have worked with such a dedicated soul. As a person she was more than welcoming and had only positive vibes to give. As a professional, she was spot on and knew exactly how to work her magic on my face. I still remember what my roommate said after I returned from the shoot with Rachel’s makeup on. She said, “If I were you, I wouldn’t wash my face tonight..”. Then I just stood in front of the mirror staring, like it was the last time I was going to see my face. With a heavy heart I took off all the makeup, hoping that we work together soon.

Cheers to Rachel and her journey of making women blush through her makeup!



Explore Rachel Suzzane’s Work

Makeup by Rachel Suzzane

Contact Rachel Suzanne

+971 50 255 4222




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